Terms And Conditions

Some products are new and in perfect condition and some of the clothes are pre owned just like the stuff at Sarojini and keeping that in mind the prices has been set accordingly.

Most of the clothes are export or surplus. So, mostly Products are available in one size only.

Few clothes might have some dust marks that are completely washable and the marks can be seen in the images as well. The dust marks are caused due to the clothes being kept in Huge Piles at Sarojini.
Any stain or minor defects( missing button, faded buttons or minor stitching issue) on the clothing item has reflected in the price.

Very Minor defect could be in the price range between ₹99/- to ₹199 /-

For safety purpose the customer should take a video of unpacking the clothes as this will help them to claim if any item is missing from their purchase.